General FAQ

  • What Is InstantRail Made Of?
    InstantRail is manufactured from Heavy Gauge Aluminum.
  • What Color Is InstantRail?
    InstantRail comes in Black or White.
  • Is Hardware Included?
    Yes. InstantRail comes with all necessary assembly and installation hardware. This includes the following: Driver Bit (1), Self-Tapping Screws (8), Wedges (2), Base Trim (2), and Mounting Plate Fasteners (8).
  • How Well Does InstantRail Hold Up To The Environment?
    InstantRail is made with a durable Powder Coated Finish and will NOT Rust!
  • Can I Install This Myself?
    You sure can. This is a relatively simple and rewarding project for a DIY homeowner.
    *** To install on Concrete, 1/4” masonry drill bit is required to pre-drill holes (not included). ***
  • How Long Should lt Take To Install InstantRail?
    Depending upon your application and skill level you should allow at least 1 hour for the simplest installation.
  • Do l Need A Permit For My InstantRail?
    You should check with your local construction office to be safe.
  • ls Shipping Available?
    Yes. Orders within the USA will be shipped via UPS.
  • Do You Ship To Canada?
    Yes we ship to both the USA and Canada.
  • Canadian Tarrifs, Duties, and Taxes
    When shipping to a Canadian address, your order is subject to Canadian tariffs, duty rates, and taxes which are not included in the purchase price of InstantRail. Tariffs, duty rates and taxes imposed by the Canadian government will therefore increase the total cost of shipping.
  • Is InstantRail A Patented Product?
    Yes, InstantRail Is A Patented Product – US Patent No. 9,470,013


InstantRail will only be as strong as the surface to which it is attached.
Do not mount to wood that is rotted.
Do not mount to concrete or brick that is crumbling.
  • Wood Steps / Composite Decks
    If installing on top of wood steps or composite decking that is structurally weak, additional blocking may need to be added underneath the stair tread or step surface where InstantRail is being attached on top of. This will allow for the mounting plate fasteners to go through the blocking making a secure connection.
  • Concrete Steps
    Specific to concrete installations, “natural stone" is different from “poured concrete" and “concrete pavers" and therefore may require a special approach to insure a proper installation. Furthermore, InstantRail should not be installed onto concrete that is loose, cracking, or slightly crumbling.

    Especially on concrete installations, be sure not to place the InstantRail base plate right to the edge of the steps. The base plates of the InstantRail Posts should be kept about 2 inches away from the edge of the surface that it is being mounted to in order to avoid the edge of the cement or pavers from failing or blowing out.
  • Brick Steps
    If the brick surface is visibly deteriorated, look to attach beyond the brick surface in one of the following ways:

    A) Into concrete below the bottom step.

    B) Using the Post Extension Kit – Ground Application to mount into dirt with concrete.

    C) Into a concrete surface beyond brick border. This may require you to purchase the next size larger InstantRail.

    If attaching to brick is your only option, then core drilling would be recommended. If that is beyond your capability, then drill and be sure to use fasteners long enough to penetrate two courses of brick.

    Other options would be to drill and use allthread and epoxy, or drill and use lead shield with appropriate fasteners.

    For all of these applications, it is important to remember to remove any debris from the drilled holes prior to attachment.