Safety for Your Steps!

InstantRail is the original, instantly adjustable handrail!

A tough, maintenance-free solution, InstantRail makes it safer to get up and down your steps while enhancing your home's beauty for many years to come.

"Makes My Life Easier!"

"Works Perfectly!"

"Problem Solved!

InstantRail 3-Step Handrail Shown In Black
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InstantRail 4-Step Handrail Shown In Black
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InstantRail 5-Step Handrail Shown In Black
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InstantRail Makes My Life Easier!

“My husband installed 3 of your rails, all without a problem. He hesitated for the last several years because he thought it would be too frustrating. When we tried to hire someone we were always put at the end of the list. The project was too small! Finally, I found your product and just ordered it! My husband read the directions and the next day two rails went up and the third the following day. We love the look and our neighbors compliment us – when they notice them because they really just blend right in with the landscape. They’re sturdy and allow me access up and down steps that I was beginning to avoid. All the way around we couldn’t be more pleased!”

Very Well Designed Handrail!

“Just installed the 4-Step railing. Very well designed product. Substantial materials, high quality. Excellent installation instructions and the measurement video on your website is excellent too. Nice to see in America we can still design and build such a high-quality product. Takes me back to the old days.”

I Love InstantRail!

“We had to install a safety railing to our basement apartment and have a small specific space it has to fit in. What Home Depot and Lowes are selling is piece by piece (pricey) and bulky, ugly, and complicated (we bought it and ended up returning it because a key component was mislabeled, leaving us unable to set the thing up). Found InstantRail online, and it is simple to set up and kind of elegant. Oh, and it cost about $100 less than all those various pieces we had to buy to set up the ugly Home Depot railing. Buy this! You won’t regret it! (Oh, and they delivered it quickly, too.)”

InstantRail Shown Adjusting To The Angle Of Steps